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The New Year. The Next Step. 

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The New Year is here and while many people are formulating a long wish list of resolutions to try to commit to, I propose another approach for my Prospanica familia as we step into 2019.  Let’s take a look at where we are professionally, how we got here, who helped us in our journey, who we have been able to impact, what have been our challenges, our successes, and based on this process of self-evaluation, let’s ask ourselves, “What’s next in my career?”  

There is something powerful to be said about being able to pause for a moment to focus on planning our next step, of being strategic and assessing how to enhance the current state of our professional careers.  It’s about having control over our next move and being intentional about it, taking into account our circumstances and the career stages we are in. Here are 8 next steps we may want to consider:

  1. Taking a class to learn a new skill that could improve our performance
  2. Finding a mentor or coach that can help us navigate new opportunities
  3. Asking for a promotion with new responsibilities and a raise to go along with it
  4. Exploring ways to get involved in our community and practice servant leadership
  5. Enrolling in college courses to pursue a degree and a new milestone in higher education
  6. Reinventing ourselves by switching jobs, career paths or starting a new business
  7. Assuming a leadership or board position in a local Prospanica Chapter
  8. Creating or participating in an Employee Resource Group at work

It fills me with great pride and satisfaction when I look back to the previous 12 months and realize that I can easily identify many Prospanica members who took some of these steps I mention above and reached new milestones.  They are now ready to embark on the next step in their careers.  

This newsletter is dedicated to showcasing a few of the many highlights we have experienced this past year. I look forward to seeing you all soar in the New Year, and remember to register for the 2019 Prospanica Leadership Summit & Regional Career Expo.  It can be the next step into advancing your career!  


Thomas Savino
Prospanica CEO 

PS: Check out the journey of Marco Herbas, a Prospanica member since 2012 who got access to Ford when he met company executives at a Prospanica conference. He currently works for the automotive giant. Click for video.

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Prospanica National’s Monica Gonzalez-Williams earned her MBA from the University of Dallas – Irving, TX with honors!
She stated, “Working with Hispanic professionals nationwide helped me understand the value and the importance of higher education. It was one of the biggest factors that pushed me to pursue my MBA.  We all carry the same goal in mind: to empower our community to always achieve their fullest potential.  I feel like I’m an example of the power of this network.  My colleagues are my role models, friends, and, most importantly, my family!”


Prospanica South FL Board Executive VP, Laz Mederos (Center) completed and earned his PhD from the Grenoble Ecole de Management Doctoral School. ¡Felicidades, Doctor! 


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Prospanica Kansas City celebrated an end of year event that included a Dress for Success fashion show!  


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Prospanica Milwaukee conducted a winter clothes drive for the elderly in their community and were featured on Telemundo


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Prospanica Orlando celebrated an Ugly Sweater Holiday Mixer that served as a toy drive for underprivileged children in the community. 



The 2019 Prospanica Leadership Summit "Advance Toward Opportunity is about honing your skills, identifying opportunities and creating sustainable partnerships that last a lifetime.  Prospanica has partnered with the University of Denver to offer a certificate for attending 3 of the professional development sessions during the summit. We are also are offering a 15% discount on the full registration for groups of 10+. Are you in or are you out? Register HERE

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In 2018 Prospanica celebrated its 30th Anniversary as the premier catalyst for Hispanic professional achievement. The following are a few highlights of this past year that we want to proudly showcase as we take our next step into our future as an agent of change in America.

#1 The Prospanica Foundation was able to support over 20 students working to complete their MBAs.


#2 Prospanica launched a new Webinar Series for professional development and to exchange knowledge. You can enjoy two of our 2018 webinars by clicking on the images below.

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#3 Prospanica Philadelphia's Education Officer, Melany Bustillos, became the recipient of the 2018 Women's Achievement Award for Rising Star. She shares how she received Prospanica's support in this inspiring short video.


#4 Ringing the Bell at NASDAQ in New York City

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#5 Prospanica CEO Thomas Savino was selected for the first time as one of Latino Leaders Magazine's 101 Most Influential Latinos in 2018. CONGRATULATIONS!

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#6  Prospanica members attended the inaugural Hispanic Leadership Summit at the United Nations hosted by "We Are All Human", a nonprofit organization focused on advancing the agenda of equity, diversity and inclusion. Approximately 320 Latino leaders attended from all over the U.S., and voted to identify the top three priorities for the Hispanic community.  This was the outcome: access to education, financial empowerment and improving our image.

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