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The Next 30 Years of Prospanica Starts Now 

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This past month we have focused on preparing and articulating a strategy for 2019, the start of the next 30 years of Prospanica. But there is also a lot going on.  

We are proud to showcase the recipients of our 2018 Prospanica Foundation Scholarships through our social media platforms – over 20 students!  They feel energized by the support we give them as they pursue their MBAs and empowered to reach new heights in the corporate sector.  The Prospanica Foundation continues to alleviate the financial barriers that prevent Hispanic professionals from securing the education they need to advance in their careers.  I ask all our members – and the business community at large – to make a donation to the Prospanica Foundation this quarter.  It’s a holiday gift that will change someone’s life.

Within the past week, we launched our Prospanica Chapter Board Elections, where we encouraged our membership to make an impact in their community through local leadership opportunities. The response has been truly fantastic, and I’m not surprised. Prospanica members have the preparation, character and eagerness to be agents of change.

Finally, we’re gearing up for Prospanica’s 2019 Regional Summit & Career Fair, from February 7 – 9, in Hartford, CT.  It will be an opportunity to gather with Prospanica members and Chapter leadership to learn how to advance toward opportunity.  We will have a full agenda with professional development sessions led by subject matter experts, special networking events, and corporate recruiters.  This promises to be another transformational experience you cannot miss.

Yes. There is a lot going on. And there is more to come. Remember to exercise your leadership through your VOTE!


Thomas Savino
Prospanica CEO  

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Debating whether to go to Prospanica’s Regional Summit & Career Fair? Here are 3 things to motivate you: 

Google the word “Leadership.” 
In less than .44 seconds, you have a smorgasbord (or a paella) of over 3.3 billion results ranging from what it is to who is involved, how you should demonstrate it, the way employees perceive it, the effects it has on an organization or a country…etc. etc. etc.  We get it!  This buzz word can appear to be played out, seemingly losing its meaning, impact and appeal.  Yet, with globalization, advances in technology and particularly the demographic shifts in the U.S. population, the need for intentional, culturally relevant is needed now more than ever.  

Leverage the past to mold the present.  Fundamentally, leadership is about influencing people towards a collective goal. “According to virtue ethics, multiculturalism can be seen as the pursuit of worthwhile goals that require personal strengths or virtues, knowledge, consistent actions, proper motivation, and practical wisdom” states Blaine J. Fower and Barbara J. Davidov (2006) in their scholarly article about personal transformation, character and openness to others.  If you ask me, multiculturalism sounds a lot like leadership!  However, while there’s been over a century of academic research on different types of leadership constructs (i.e. transactional, transformational, servant, leader-member exchange, etc.), the resounding battle cry among general, industrial and organizational psychologists and human resource practitioners is for effective leadership in a cross-cultural context. Today, 1 in 5 Americans are Hispanic (approximately 59 million), and that trend is expected to grow exponentially. So, how do you, individually, and we, collectively, harness this Latino talent today and in the future?  

Move Upward and Onward: Advancing towards Opportunity. There is no time like the present to prepare personally and professionally to position yourself for advancement as an emerging or seasoned Latino leader.  Why should you make the investment?  Frankly, because trying to comb through 3.3 trillion Google results is a daunting task.  LOL! No want to be ready when opportunity comes knocking on your door.  That’s where Prospanica comes in!  Prospanica is the premier organization for Hispanic professionals. Whether you are a student, early to mid-career professional or a seasoned leader wanting to mentor the next generation of Latino leaders, there is something here for you.  When you come to the Prospanica Regional Conference & Career Fair, you participate in professional development sessions while working mano a mano with other Latinos who have leadership roles nationally, in their communities, organizations and government. Together, we shape a strategy now that will carry us all into the future and remain as a legacy to generations to come.  

What you do today will shape the leader you are tomorrow. Therefore, don’t leave it to chance. What will your leadership legacy be? Make sure to register to attend Prospanica’s 2019 Regional Summit & Career Fair, and you are likely to find out! Registration will be open soon!

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“From MBA to Disney’s Coco: Angela Cervantes, An Author’s Journey," featured Avila University MBA alumna and middle-school author and Latina storyteller, Angela Cervantes '04.

Angela spoke about her experience being a flashlight reader growing up and not seeing enough books that represented someone like her and her culture, so she wanted to change that as a Latina storyteller. She discussed how her MBA from 
Avila University gave her the entrepreneurial tools to set her up for business success. She also spoke about taking the leap from her full-time job at Children International to becoming a full-time author, the feeling when Disney Pixar contacted her directly to write the junior novelization of “Coco” and shared some nuggets of knowledge for aspiring storytellers and educators in the audience.

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Prospanica KC would like to extend a big thank you to our partner, the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. This event would not have been possible without their support. Thanks to our moderator, Priscilla Subramaniyam, MBA.

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We all know Prospanica’s mission and vision and that for the past 30 years (first as the National Society of Hispanic MBAs, now Prospanica) we have been the to-go organization when you want to develop your skills, educate yourself and climb the professional ladder.  With 46 professional and University Chapters across the U.S. and Puerto Rico, promoting healthy communication between chapters and the National Office has become essential.  

With this in mind, Prospanica created the Chapter Action Committee. This Committee is formed by seven members located in Denver, San Antonio, Houston, Washington DC, and Orlando. Together they work to provide guidance, direction, and assistance to accomplish Prospanica’s goals at large.

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Among their responsibilities are:

  • Assessing chapter operations and define priorities for improvement  
  • Suggesting improvements based on assessment results
  • Assisting in the development of chapter program objectives and goals
  • Assisting with improving the efficacy of Prospanica tools and processes
  • Focusing on strategies to improve volunteer retention and serve as an ambassador among chapter leaders
  • Partnering with the National Office to deploy trainings and best practices

The Committee’s initiatives include mentorship and outreach, brand awareness and marketing strategies, impact story and framework for monitoring and evaluation, and chapter sponsorship strategy. 

Jimmy and Gus provide the much-needed peer-to-peer mentorship and help assess the chapters’ needs to provide additional support in areas such as membership, sponsorship, and governance.  Ileana and Maribel coach chapters that need support with marketing, web development, and social media initiatives, including best practice templates on all marketing outlets.  Yorka and Rinki develop framework and outreach plans to enable chapters to create their very own impact stories.  Finally, Sandra collaborates with National on sponsorship packages and bundles as well as target markets to develop marketing tools to promote chapter offerings to local corporate partners.

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In January 2012, Luis Martínez was appointed by Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer as his Director of Multicultural Affairs to enhance the engagement of the Hispanic and multicultural communities with city's services, programs, and events. He provides recommendations to the Mayor in the implementation of city policies and initiatives that foster inclusion and diversity and encourages his participation in community events. In addition, he serves as the Mayor's spokesperson for Hispanic and multicultural media, coordinates cultural events, hosts the visits of international delegations to the city, manages the city's Spanish communication outlets and maintains working relationships with the bi-national chambers of commerce and consulates. 

After the Pulse tragedy, Luis played a critical role in the City's Communications Emergency Management Team.  There, he managed local, national and international media inquiries and provided updates in Spanish to the Hispanic/Latino community, with a focus on how government and community partners were responding to the tragedy with bilingual and culturally competent services to Pulse survivors and victims’ families.

We invited Luis Martínez to participate in On A Lighter Note so we can get to know him a little better before we head out to Orlando for Prospanica's Annual Conference & Career Expo in Orlando from October 30 - November 1, 2019.

Most people’s careers are basically a series of opportunities or paths you need to choose from. And sometimes, you may be left wondering what if I took the other path. Looking back is there a point in your career you’d like to go back to and see where that path would have taken you just out of curiosity?

At one point in my career, I almost decided to become a professional actor because I grew up surrounded by an artistic family and have always been fascinated by the performing arts. The reason why I moved to Orlando was to work at Walt Disney World as a performer in parades and shows. I have always asked myself what would have happened if I had decided to continue working in the entertainment industry. 

Imagine you are going into your most important business meeting ever and you can bring 3 people along as part of your team…who would you bring and why?

  1. Rita Moreno– She has a remarkable career in show business and through her life she has overcome many barriers and opened doors for many Latino artists pursuing a career in Broadway, film and the television industry. This 86-year-old Puerto Rican actress, dancer and singer still possesses an incredible amount of energy that captivates us all. In any business meeting, you need someone who can break the ice and create a friendly and fun environment necessary to make successful ideas flow. Also, the challenges she faced at a young age trying to stand out in a world led by white men, would help me focus on making sure that we communicate that inclusivity and diversity must be part of the business strategy. 
  2. President Barack Obama– President Obama is a brilliant man who possesses a long-standing experience in government, including strengthening the local economy, creating jobs and supporting small businesses. I am sure that his recommendations would help me make smart business choices.
  3. U.S. Federal Judge Sonia Maria Sotomayor– Judge Sotomayor’s experience in the judicial system would help me be equitable and impartial in all the decisions I make. Equity is the path to prosperity and should always be an intrinsic value of any business.

Tell us what you immediately associate with each one of the following 5 feelings:

  • Anger - the sadness and injustice many immigrants are experiencing. 
  • Sadness - the loss of my mom. 
  • Joy - my partner and family.
  • Fear - a barrier that prevents you from moving forward.
  • Satisfaction - changing another person's life.

If you had a superpower, what it would be and why?

A magic wand to rid the world of injustice, inequality, intolerance and discrimination because we are living difficult times where the ambition for power blinds people, degrades others and covers the absolute truth. 

What’s on top of your bucket list? 

Travel to Europe and Asia.

Take my nephews on a cruise ship.