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As Latino professionals, we are continuously knocking down barriers, myths and assumptions about who we are, our capabilities and abilities.  Every time a Prospanica member assumes a leadership role in our communities, organizations, the corporate sector and government, we become agents of change that affect how the nation thinks, speaks, and creates.

This year, Prospanica is celebrating its 30th anniversary as an organization dedicated to fostering an environment where Latinos can flourish through attainment of higher education, professional development support and career advancement opportunities.  And at the 2018
¡IMPACTO! Rising & Thriving, we will celebrate the last thirty years by looking forward.  

The goals of Prospanica’s 2018 Conference & Career Expo are to:

1. Connect Latino talent with life-changing career opportunities by putting them in front of recruiters

2. Provide access to A-List subject matter experts from across the U.S. who are facilitating our robust Conference program  

3. Introduce acclaimed keynote speakers whose successes will inspire the next 30 years of Latino influence, innovation, and ascension

4. Build an extended family of Latino professionals who are making a difference and helping each other succeed

5. Engage with companies that are global leaders in diverse industries who are sponsoring an exhibit or one of our professional development sessions, such as, Google, General Motors, Merck, LinkedIn, Toyota, Ford, Microsoft, P&G, Brystol-Meyers Squibb, DELL, ExxonMobil, American Airlines, GE, Kimberly-Clark, Wells Fargo, Koch Industries, LinkedIn, Edward Jones, Capco, Microsoft, Northwestern Mutual, Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin

See you there!

Thomas Savino
CEO, Prospanica


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Patrick Perrella, Associate Dean for MBA Programs at the University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business, has joined Prospanica’s National Board of Directors.

perella-patrick.jpgEight years ago, Patrick Perrella committed to an academic sponsorship for Prospanica’s 2010 Conference and Career Expo in Chicago, on behalf of the University of Notre Dame, where he led graduate career services at the Mendoza College of Business as a member of the MBA program leadership team. He recalls being personally involved in the coordination of every detail of this budding relationship and the participation of Notre Dame’s marching band at the Chicago conference. It all went extraordinarily well, and Mr. Perrella was asked to join Prospanica’s Corporate Advisory Council (CAB) soon after, serving on CAB for the past eight consecutive years, including as its immediate past Chair.

Today, as the Associate Dean for MBA Programs at the University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business, Perrella has joined Prospanica’s National Board of Directors, a three-year term that has just begun and he looks forward to. “Being involved with Prospanica has been a great experience. I have met incredible people from across the country and I am grateful for the chance that Prospanica has given me to participate in various ways. Hispanic education and empowerment are a key ingredient in the future of our country and I believe Prospanica has a role to play in that”, he stated.

Prior to his academic career, Patrick had a 12-year international banking career with Citi, which involved extensive global travel. He currently represents the Daniels College of Business on the Board of Governors of the Denver Metro Chamber Economic Development Committee, and represents the University of Denver on the Denver Metro Chamber Public Affairs Committee. In the past, he served as Chair of the Board of Trustees of the National Art Museum of Sport in Indianapolis. Perrella’s robust business and academic experience provide a unique combination of knowledge and expertise to Prospanica’s National Board. He shared, “There is so much opportunity here. Companies are looking to hire and keep diverse talent, and Prospanica has the opportunity to play a major role in both the sourcing of Hispanic talent, as well as helping companies keep and grow their diverse workforce.”

Get to know Patrick a little better! See his responses to On a Lighter Note Q&A at the end of this issue of Prospanica News.

Founded in 1864, the University of Denver is committed to engaging with students in advancing scholarly inquiry, cultivating critical and creative thought and generating knowledge. For additional information, visit the University’s Media Relations website, or follow the University on Facebook and Twitter. Founded in 1908, The Daniels College of Business is the top-ranked business college at the University of Denver, one of the country’s premier private universities. Daniels is globally recognized as a leader in providing an immersive and engaged business education.

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Upload your resume to the Prospanica Job board- companies will be scheduling interviews on the Career Expo floor with candidates they find on our Job Board platform: the Prospanica Career Center.  

Click here to access the Propanica Career Center.


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Note: Subject to change

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My name is Osvaldo Hernandez, and I found a job thanks to the Prospanica Houston networking opportunities!

I recently graduated from the College of Business at the University of Houston-Downtown.  As determined as ever, I hit the ground running and entered my job search ready to exercise all of the skills I acquired working multiple jobs while attending college.  My positive attitude began to deteriorate after several weeks of applying and very few interview opportunities.  I knew I had the skills and intelligence to make a difference and join the workforce, but I needed something else to market myself in a better way.  A former classmate suggested we attend a Prospanica Houston networking event, sponsored by United Healthcare, to practice the art of networking.  He explained that these networking events always invited members, interested sponsors and recruiters, so I knew to prepare my elevator pitch.  This was my chance to practice talking to new people in the working environment that I wanted to join, and perhaps, if I got lucky, I might impress a recruiter and be invited to have an interview!  I must admit networking sounded intimidating because I kept thinking, do I have the skillset to improve a worst case scenario?  The answer was simple: I won’t know until I’m in the actual situation, and that’s how I convinced myself that that the risk was worth the potential reward.

I successfully made it through the United Healthcare event, networked and met a lot of great professionals, including Magdalena Gonzalez, the president then of Prospanica Houston.  After sharing my story and future goals with her, Magdalena recommended that I keep attending these networking events in preparation for the Prospanica Convention & Career Expo – and that’s exactly what I did.

Houston hosted the 2016 conference, so I opted to volunteer before and during the convention to interact with other graduates and hear their success stories.  In between shifts I attended different seminars, and I challenged myself to meet as many people as possible.  I was in job search heaven; many of the people I met were recruiters and business owners!  Many gave me the awesome opportunity to meet one-on-one with them, which helped tremendously, because they really dissected my interview and provided constructive criticism that I could use in future interviews.

On the second day of the conference during one of my volunteer breaks I had the amazing opportunity to meet Sonia Clayton, President and CEO of Virtual Intelligence Providers (VIP) and winner of the 2016 Brillante Award for Entrepreneur Excellence. Magdalena introduced us and began the networking conversation.  Remember that job I mentioned earlier?  Sonia and I stayed in contact after the convention, and now I am part of the VIP team!

I am filled with gratitude, and I am so happy to have found Prospanica.  I am also grateful for my immigrant parents who always emphasized that education is the greatest privilege I could ever have and enabled me to prioritize my education above everything else.  As a first generation U.S. American who received a bachelor’s degree, I truly believe that with motivation, hard work, and perseverance you can accomplish your goals.

I invite you to learn more about Prospanica and attend its networking events!  Come learn the art of networking, as I did, and find out how this organization can guide you in the direction you are searching for. Finally, join us in Milwaukee, September 12-14, at the 2018 Prospanica Conference & Career Expo.

Great opportunities are at your fingertips!  Make it happen.

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Q&A with Pat Perrella, Associate Dean for MBA Programs at the Daniels College of Business of the University of Denver and new Member of Propsanica’s National Board of Directors.



Q: Most people’s careers are basically a series of opportunities or paths you need to choose from.  And sometimes, you may be left wondering what if I took the other path.  Looking back is there a point in your career you’d like to go back to and see where that path would have taken you just out of curiosity?

I like to think that I am on my third career now – working in Higher Ed. As an undergrad, I majored in Architecture and worked as an architect for several years before going back to grad school to get my MBA. It would be great to have a looking glass to see where the architecture path might have led.

Q: Imagine you are going into your most important business meeting ever and you can bring 3 people along as part of your team…who would you bring and why? 

That’s a great question. After reflection, I’d take:

  • My mentor, Prof. Ram Ramanan – he’s provided sound advice for many years.
  • Warren Buffett – he’s called the Sage of Omaha for a reason
  • Elon Musk – he has one crazy idea after another

Q: Tell us what you immediately associate with each one of the following 5 feelings:                                                                                

  • Anger – waste of energy
  • Sadness - compassion
  • Happiness – joy 
  • Fear – the unknown
  • Satisfaction - accomplishment

Q: If you had a superpower, what it would be and why? 

The ability to fly – would make travel so much easier!

Q: What’s on top of your bucket list? 

Hiking the Colorado Trail – 500 miles through the mountains!