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I Am Prospanica Proud 


Prospanica has broadened and deepened its reach for Hispanic professionals in what are now 46 Professional and University Chapters that span the U.S. and Puerto Rico. I have to point out how impressed I am that our Chapters execute more than 250 events a year providing local business communities and our corporate partners with opportunities to network, gain professional development, and engage with our members: educated, professional and influential Hispanics. But it all starts with how we encourage young Hispanic talent to pursue a higher education, and the support we provide. 

Every year, we award a select number of Prospanica Foundation scholarships to students pursuing their Master’s degrees and undergraduate studies, giving them forward momentum to impact our community. In a few weeks, we will announce the 2018 Prospanica Foundation Scholars, and I’m proud to say that a total of 24 students will be awarded Prospanica scholarships through our National Foundation and three Prospanica chapters: Dallas-Ft. Worth, Austin and New York. Yes, I am Prospanica proud.

In addition, our University Partner Program (UPP), provides full and half-paid Scholarship Programs to students, as well as assistance with student loans and refinancing programs. Prospanica is currently collaborating with a total of 30 University partners, yielding an estimated $900,000 a year in tuition granted to Hispanic students pursuing a degree. Yes indeed, this makes me Prospanica proud.

In Corporate America, the quest to build a diverse workforce has become more critical than ever. Prospanica is continuing to take an active role in preparing and positioning our members to be the change agents who are charting a bold, new today for everyone.  I invite you to be Prospanica proud. Come celebrate with me at Conference in September, our 30 years of ¡IMPACTO!



Thomas Savino, CEO Prospanica

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Prospanica DC Chapter Board Member Elvis Cordova is selected to be part of 2018 Líderes Hispanos Program 

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Prospanica Connecticut Chapter hosts successful networking event in Stamford with corporate and university partners: JPMorganChase and UConn  


Prospanica Austin Chapter spotlights Honorary Board Member and former President of Oregon Chapter, Eva Rojas  

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Prospanica Columbus Chapter Kicks-Off the Summer with a Networking Event
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Prospanica San Francisco Chapter Board Members Invest Time and Brain Trust in Planning the 2nd Half of 2018

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Meet the Prospanica Milwaukee Chapter Board: Hosts of Our 2018 Conference

Prospanica Milwaukee was established in 2011 and represents a metropolitan area with a rapidly growing membership base. Since then, they have established meaningful relationships with the Greater Milwaukee business community and have successfully executed marquee events. They are dedicated to leveraging national support and resources for local memberships and partnerships - focusing on developing professionals while engaging undergrad students to fill a pipeline of educated and empowered Hispanics for long-term career achievement and leadership roles.  

The Milwaukee Chapter’s board is managed by local professionals that volunteer to serve and are committed to the success of local operations and members. And they are excited to be the hosts of Prospanica's 2018 Annual Conference & Career Expo ¡IMPACTO! Rising & Thriving, where we will be celebrating Prospanica's 30th Anniversary.

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Prospanica wants students attending the ¡IMPACTO! Conference & Career Expo 2018 in Milwaukee from September 12 - 14 to maximize their face-to-face encounters with actual recruiters who are looking to retain the best and the brightest talent for their companies.  The following two videos provide great advice on how to engage with a potential employer.  

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Valuable advice from these REAL LIFE career expo recruiters on how to get ready, what to do and what to say is all yours

The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business Career Management Office created this video which features both a bad example and good example of how to effectively speak with recruiters at a career fair as well as commentary about what the student and recruiter are thinking during the interaction HERE.

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Q&A with Dr. María "Lunna" García de la Noceda | Senior Consultant of Program Activation at Urbander, acclaimed Puerto Rican singer and Prospanica member.


Q: Most people’s careers are basically a series of opportunities or paths you need to choose from.  And sometimes, you may be left wondering what if I took the other path.  Looking back is there a point in your career you’d like to go back to and see where that path would have taken you just out of curiosity?

My current career is a result of “looking at the other path”. For many years I was in the entertainment business and one day I asked myself where my path would have led me if I’d taken another route….so I decided to do it and find out for myself.

Q: Imagine you are going into your most important business meeting ever and you can bring 3 people along as part of your team…who would you bring and why? 

I would bring Gandhi to help me stay grounded and humble, focusing on what’s important; Richard Branson (Virgin) for his vision and entrepreneurial spirit; and Lori Greiner (QVC), powerful and successful woman entrepreneur, great negotiator.

Q: Tell us what you immediately associate with each one of the following 5 feelings:                                                                                    

  • Anger – people that lie
  • Sadness – the death of my son
  • Happiness – knowing that everyone I love is ok
  • Fear – being in enclosed spaces
  • Satisfaction – a good day’s work that’s made a difference in someone’s life

Q: If you had a superpower, what it would be and why?  Tele transporting because I would be able to see the world or be wherever I wanted to be in a second. 

Q: What’s on top of your bucket list? Visiting Machu-Pichu in Perú