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Celebrating Leadership All Year Round


We have been celebrating the contributions women have made to the world and to Prospanica this entire month because it’s an important thing to join in on: March is Women’s History Month. But we shouldn’t stop here, just because April is right around the corner.  Prospanica’s 30th Anniversary is this year, and women have historically been a driving force in our growing strength and impact throughout the past three decades, in every sector, and all year round.

In this issue of Prospanica News we feature Prospanica members that have received major recognitions in the past few months, and they all happen to be female. I’m certain that there are many more newsworthy stories such as these that our members can share, especially given the fact that well over fifty percent of our Prospanica Chapter Presidents and their local Board of Directors are women.

 I encourage you all to reach out to your colleagues at work, your friends, relatives and peers, to invite them to an upcoming local Prospanica Chapter event in your city, and also to ¡IMPACTO! Rising & Thriving, our 2018 Conference & Career Expo. These are ideal environments for Hispanic and Multicultural professionals of every gender and orientation to exercise their leadership. Tell them to join our familia and be part of the Prospanica inner circle!


Thomas Savino
CEO Prospanica

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Prospanica Philadelphia Wins Recognition as Prospanica's 2017 Chapter of the Year

Winning the coveted title of Prospanica Chapter of the Year is a great achievement because the recognition is based on very specific criteria that serve as performance measures in areas concerning organizational compliance, financial health, programming, and chapter membership.  Philadelphia Chapter President Natily Santos and her Board of Directors are talented and dedicated individuals that are committed to teamwork, service leadership and excellence, and we want to recognize them:

- Natily Santos, President

- Sol Vazquez, Finance Officer

- Vivian Castillo, Membership Officer

- Melanie Espinosa, Marketing Officer

- Melany Bustillos, Education Officer

- Raul De La Rosa, Corporate Relations

- Jennylee Ramos, Event Officer

We also want to recognize Philadelphia Chapter Committee Members, who have been instrumental in solidifying this win.

- Raquel Arredondo

- Karla Hill

- Jean Kendrick  

- Marilyn Martinez

One of the key factors of their success has been the quality and relevance of the events they implement for the betterment of the Philadelphia business community. As recently as last month, Natily Santos and her chapter launched the Prospanica Philadelphia POWER Industry & Networking Event Series, a series of events highlighting the top industries in Philadelphia and their local sponsors. It’s a platform for large and small organizations, Latino-owned businesses, recruiters and professionals within a specific industry to network, share resources and learn more about the powerful industries and employers who are making positive contributions to Philadelphia’s growing influence in the region. This year’s series has three parts and will focus on: Healthcare, Finance and S.T.E.M. Series I for Healthcare took place on February 27, and here we share some highlights of this event.

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Defining and Embracing Who YOU Are
Prospanica Columbia, SC Chapter VP, Vanessa Mota, will share business insights as a contributor of Prospanica News

vane 2.jpgWhat is the seed that planted your motivation to achieve success as a professional, philanthropic organizer and/or entrepreneur?  Who are you? What makes you tick every day? These are questions we must ask ourselves and write down the answers to in order to strategically plan our career paths, and to always be able to look back to when we reach our goals. When we succeed, or even if we fail, these same questions are our constant reminder of who we are and why we are here today.  I know this sounds like a very easy task to do. Sometimes it is easier said than done. 

 Seriously, ask yourself today, “Who am I?”  “What makes me tick?” “What are my values and how do I want to share my values?”.  All this will make you take a deep dive into getting to know yourself. In the ten years I have been an entrepreneur I have seen companies open and close very quickly.  When I have spoken with these entrepreneurs their response was usually “I did it because it’s what I know how to do”,  “ I needed to make fast money” or “I wanted to be my own boss.” Yes, these are all good qualities to have when you begin your professional career, and/or life as a business owner.

 Money is important because it’s the recourse to experience progress and growth in your business.  Being our own boss is a great accomplishment and it comes with great responsibility.  Knowing how to do something well and being an expert in that subject matter is a great asset too, and this applies to anything that you do in life. The key here is that although these are great pieces to the masterpiece of who you are, and why you are doing these things, after a while you realize it’s still not enough. 

When these are the criteria that define your purpose as a leader, being the CEO becomes frustrating. It makes what you do every day a burden, and simply a daily habit.  The imperative here is to really get to know yourself and ask yourself these questions:

1.      Who am I?
2.      What makes me tick?
3.      What motivates me when I do it?
4.      What pumps my energy and stimulates my brain?
5.       What are my values and am I willing to share them?

Once you have answered these questions you will see what it is that you really need to be doing. Studies have shown that the reason people change careers in a later stage of their lives, or are working on something different than what they studied, is because many of these people pursued career paths that were pushed upon them by their peers, mentors and so forth. In some cases, it was just a matter of whatever was trendy at the time.

In our Columbia, South Carolina community I work with many first-generation young Latino adults who do not pursue their passion careers, businesses and or leadership skills because they have been drilled on becoming the next CEO of the family business.  This is where I always try to push these young individuals to concentrate on knowing who they are to see if owning their family’ s business is going to work out for them in the long-term.

The moment you acknowledge who you are and what motivates you, is when you will be sure of your mission in life. Your mission in life will then be easier to link with your professional employment choices. There is a great saying that says, “Follow what you love to do and the money will follow.”

I am an example of this. I began my career path doing things to prove my father I could, and therefore I would. Yes, this was a motivator but it was never enough. Something was missing. Through the years, I began asking myself these questions I have proposed to you until a few years ago I realized my mission is to unite, connect and diversify others. This simple but very powerful statement made me own who I am, and from that moment on everything has been coming together for me.

Owning this statement has helped me make many changes in my life, and that is something we must be allow ourselves to do.  Years from now our companies, our careers, our philanthropic organizations may change, develop and grow but the thing that must never change is who we are. We may grow wiser, gain more knowledge, wealth, etc., but the values that have made us that original YOU are rarely altered. When you look back at these questions and figure out your mission you will see how much you have grown and how much you still have to grow.

Remember, ‘Who YOU Are’ is at the epicenter of experiencing success in anything you do because your surroundings, acquaintances and circumstances will change, vanish and or grow apart from you but YOU and your values are engraved deep down, and you must embrace them in order to truly identify your passions.  

Stay tuned for the next article in April.  The topic: What is your story and who planted the seed to your story?

To hear more about Vanessa Mota's story, check out a clip from her recent feature in Exposure Magazine here

Born in Chicago, Vanessa Mota is the VP of Prospanica’s Columbia, SC Chapter, the CEO of Mota Intellectual Svcs. LLC, and the Founder and President of Impresarios 101.  Mota is also the Director and Founder of S.C. Latina Project, a non-profit organization for young Latinas to become professionals and/or entrepreneurs while embracing their roots. She is the mother of two beautiful daughters and wife to a great supportive man. Vanessa Mota has lived and worked abroad, in China and India, for 6 years where her dream of becoming an entrepreneur began. This April, she celebrates ten years in business, serving the greater Columbia community as a business consultant. Partner to the Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce, Mota is also a board member of the Columbia Mayor’s Business Minority City Council. She also directs and is a member of the Women’s International Entrepreneur Club.  Mota’s mission in life is to effectively unite, connect and diversify others.

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Not One...but TWO of Prospanica's Best Recognized by Milwaukee Business Journal

logo_40under40_500x500.jpgOur very own Karla Barillas and Samantha Maldonado from Prospanica’s Milwaukee Chapter were honored and recognized by the Milwaukee Business Journal on February 26th at the 2018 “40 Under 40 Awards”.  They are part of a select group of young Milwaukee professionals under the age of 40 that are celebrated every year for their success. Individuals honored are from a variety of different careers, and have demonstrated their hard work and dedication to the Milwaukee business community. All winners participated in a photo session with Milwaukee Business Journal photographer Scott Paulus at the Wisconsin Humane Society, where they posed with some of the animals that are in their care.

Karla Barillas is Vice President of HR and Organizational Development at St. Anthony School and Parish, and she’s also the Student Development Officer for Prospanica Milwaukee.  Only a few of the Milwaukee Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 candidates over the years can remember a childhood quite like Karla Barillas’ upbringing in El Salvador. 

Samantha Maldonado is People Leader of New Business at Northwestern Mutual, President of the Prospanica Milwaukee Chapter. She is making a difference in the Hispanic community, and will be hosting the 2018 Prospanica Conference & Career Expo: ¡IMPACTO! Rising & Thriving.


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Prospanica DC Chapter at the table with CEO Thomas Savino


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Q&A with Fidel Vargas, President & CEO of the Hispanic Scholarship Fund

fidelvargas_267 (3).jpegFidel A. Vargas is President & CEO of the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, the nation’s leading provider of scholarships and services designed to give Latino students full access to the opportunities a college education can provide.  Prior to joining HSF, Mr. Vargas was a founding partner of private equity firm Centinela Capital Partners, a Managing Director with investment consultants TMG Advisors, and a Founding Principal and Managing Director of Reliant Equity Investors.  He has served on numerous public and private boards and on the Commission on Presidential Scholars under Presidents Bush and Obama. He is currently on the boards of the California Community Foundation, the Latino Donor Collaborative, and The Los Angeles Theater Center. Time Magazine named him one of the Top 50 Young Leaders in the United States.  Mr. Vargas holds an A.B. from Harvard University and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School. He was a six-time, HSF scholarship recipient. 

Q: Most people’s careers are basically a series of circumstances or paths you need to choose from.  And sometimes, you may be left wondering what if I took the other path.  Looking back is there a point in your career you’d like to go back to and see where that path would have taken you just out of curiosity?  My senior year in college.  I had an offer to work in New York City but I declined because I wanted to go back home to California to be with my family. I love the way my life turned out but I do often wonder where I’d be today if I had taken that path.

Q: Imagine you are going into your most important business meeting ever and you can bring 3 people along as part of your crew…who would you bring and why? 

1. Jerry Buss – Visionary, self-made businessman and owner of Los Angeles Lakers (deceased)

2. Roselinde Torres, HSF Alum, Boston Consulting Group Partner, What it takes to be a great leader - TED Talk

3. Nely Galan, Author (Self Made), Producer, Director, Executive, Entrepreneur, and friend  

Q: Tell us what you immediately associate with each one of the following 5 feelings:
  • Anger - Emotion
  • Sadness – Death
  • Happiness -Family
  • Fear – The unknown
  • Satisfaction – Making a difference

 Q: If you had a superpower, what it would be and why?  Being able to fly.  It would make it easier for me to get around the country to meet with HSF Scholars, Alumni, and donors and then allow me to get back to my family every night!

 Q: What’s on top of your bucket list? Meeting Warren Buffet