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Cultivating Latino Leaders and Talent

thomas_2018_strippedout_flipped.jpgEarlier this month we hosted Prospanica’s 2018 Leadership Summit in Dallas where over 100 of our chapter leaders and members came together for three days of intense training, networking and camaraderie. The enthusiasm was palpable. You could feel a momentous energy engulf each carefully designed session led by remarkable presenters. During the breaks, Prospanica representatives who traveled from North and South, East and West, saluted each other affectionately and made warm introductions.

I was inspired to see so many new members assuming leadership roles at the chapter level, and seasoned Prospanica leaders providing guidance, council, and mentorship. We also had prominent speakers who demonstrated the importance of collaboration among Latino-led organizations. I want to thank Raquel Tamez, CEO of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers ( SHPE) and Cid Wilson, President and CEO of the Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR) for your insight and encouragement as you respectively shared powerful advice regarding careers in STEM and pathways to serving on a Board of Directors. 

In essence, the title of the summit materialized right before our eyes.  Effecting Change: From Personal Influence to Collective Impact. Prospanica family, we have acquired the knowledge to effect change, together.  Now show Corporate America what you’re made of! 


Thomas Savino
CEO Prospanica

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Early Bird Registration to Prospanica's 2018 Annual Conference & Career Expo

Prospanica’s 2018 Annual Conference & Career Expo is the #1 platform for companies to connect with qualified diverse Hispanic students and professionals who can fuel their competitive engines, and you simply must be there to show them what you’re made of.

fotolia_7795968_l.jpgAt Prospanica’s Conference you will experience:

• Life-changing career opportunities through face-to-face engagement with recruiters 

• Learning sessions with renowned subject matter experts from across the U.S.

• Dynamic leaders that will share insightful knowledge and motivate you to connect, advance and thrive. 

• Prospanica’s Brillante Awards and Gala, where you can network with leaders who have impacted our community. 

Save The Date | September 12 – 14, 2018 
2018 Prospanica Annual Conference & Career Expo
¡IMPACTO! Rising & Thriving | Wisconsin Center, Milwaukee

Register between March 15 - July 1, 2018 at to benefit from our Early Bird discounts. 

Member: $250    Non-Member: $450 
includes Expo, Luncheons, Brillante Awards Gala & Professional Development sessions 

Member: $50      Non-Member: $150 
includes Expo & Professional Development sessions 

Member: $50      Non-Member: $75 

#ProspanicaConference  #Going2Milwaukee

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Anthony López releases newest book, The Legacy Leader as Superhero: LegacyWoman
This latest edition in the Legacy Leaders series speaks to the leadership principles innate to a superhero leader


What’s the background on th
e Legacy Leader Series of book?

The Series begins with “The Legacy Leader:  Leadership With A Purpose” (1st and 2nd Editions). We begin with the thesis that of all the traits a leader demonstrates, only two are non-negotiable:  character and integrity.  All other qualities and skills necessary for effective leadership can be acquired via education, experience, and the “school of hard-knocks”.  In the next book “Breakthrough Thinking: The Legacy Leader’s Role In Driving Innovation”, we went over the leader’s life-cycle, addressed the mechanics of leadership, and what leaders must do to drive organizations to achieve the impossible.  In “The Leader’s Lobotomy: The Legacy Leader Avoids Promotion Induced Amnesia” and “The Leader In The Mirror: The Legacy Leader’s Critical Self-Assessment”, we pricked the leader’s memory to ensure that he or she practice the fundamental elements of leadership throughout their career, and help them evaluate their performance through a critical self-assessment. 

In “The Legacy Leader As Superhero: LEGACYWOMAN”, we continue, learning and applying lessons about the most important leadership traits to continuously improve on our performance and impact as leaders.  We don’t expect our leaders to be invincible or immortal.  However, we do want them to exhibit superhero-like qualities.  We want leaders to be individuals we can admire and who can inspire us to achieve greatness. 

Who Inspired you to write this book?

The series of Legacy Leader books exist because prior to her death in 2003, my mother said to me she wanted to publish my work.  I promised her that I would get it done.  Fortunately, six months prior to her passing, I was able to publish the first book “The Legacy Leader: Leadership With A Purpose”, dedicated to her, and presented it to her.  Thus, the first book, which in-turn inspired the others to follow over the next 16-years - including LEGACYWOMAN - are a reality because of my mother, Olga Lopez. 


Well, the book is not exclusively about a woman superhero leader.  LEGACYWOMAN is the main character, but LEGACYMAN also makes an appearance!  The book is about understanding the most significant traits and characteristics of leaders.  I used fictional superheroes that most of us grew up with and can identify with, to illustrate some of those leader traits.  We use Superman to talk about vision and the need for a leader to be a visionary and how to engage her followers in that vision.   I talk about Wonder Woman and highlight her truth lasso as the one differentiating powers that she has that no other superhero has to highlight the imperative that leaders always be truthful and credible.  We then take all those wonderful traits and combine them to create LEGACYWOMAN and LEGACYMAN - a new “real-world” leader superhero that possess all the traits we expect our finest leaders to demonstrate.  

I choose to use LEGACYWOMAN on the title instead of LEGACYMAN because I have two daughters and a grand-daughter.  I want them to know that they can become LegacyWomen themselves.  Also, over my career I have had the honor of mentoring many great professionals.  Among them many terrific women who not always were afforded the same advancement options as their male counterparts.  So, I made it a personal priority to do whatever I could to develop, promote and champion women professionals in the work-place.  I am proud to also mentor and help advance men, of course.  I feel an affinity to make sure that all who are willing to work-hard and collaborate, especially women, are able to advance.

 Why write this book now?

Those who know me best, know that I am passionate about the subject of leadership.  I believe the traits we need from all leaders, women and men are: Visionary, truthful, loyal, courageous, anticipatory, innovative, adaptable, transparent in their communications, and passionate.  I believe our leaders need to have a healthy level of emotional intelligence, have the ability to regenerate when they have a misstep and make mistakes, and they need to have a thick skin.  In this book, I talk about these traits and a few others, and dedicate some effort in each of the chapters developing the ideas of how leaders can develop these traits and effectively use them to lead. These are the traits of LEGACYWOMAN and LEGACYMAN.  

I hope the book causes the right dialogue to continue about what we expect, indeed what we need from our leaders.  I hope that it sparks the imagination of people of all ages to aspire to become LEGACYWOMAN or LEGACYMAN, the way I wanted to be Batman when I was a little boy.  Perhaps, it helps to crystallize what the most important traits of leaders really are, and that it encourages us to hold ourselves and those who lead around us to higher standards of behavior and performance.  Finally, I hope that it influences our leaders of today, and especially our leaders of tomorrow to strive for greatness.  I would want that to be my small contribution to world.  

Copies of the book are available on Amazon in hardcover and paperback, put out through AuthorHouse on January 24th, 2018.

Planting the Seed of Entrepreneurship
Prospanica Columbia, SC Chapter VP, Vanessa Mota, will share business insights as a contributor of Prospanica News

vane 2.jpgAs a business owner, I have lived and experienced many ups and downs, because having a business has its ups and downs like everything else in life. We weren’t born entrepreneurs; it’s a process. The most important strategy for any business from start-up to running a successful business is to know that the only way we can become experts in anything is by studying it, learning it and finally practicing it. As entrepreneurs, the key is to have perseverance in order to have a successful business. You will face failures as well as victories. When you face failures, the important thing is to continue forward.

Success is not all about money. Success in business is being able to have a balance between time for work, self and family. Setting priorities and organizing your time is very important for a successful business. During upcoming issues of Prospanica News I will write about topics pertaining to how to begin, operate, and run a successful business. 

To have a strong business the following priorities must be in order; administration plan, financial plan, expertise and services menus, marketing plan, defining your audiences, branding, and in today’s world, your social media profiles. These are some of the areas we will cover, and I will also be sharing with you the 8 essential tools for running a successful business that I have developed throughout the years. Last but not least, knowing how to articulate your business story and who or what planted that seed that made you the entrepreneur you are today is critical.

We all have a story, and we have to share them.  In the next article, I will be sharing my story – of people who saw my true potential and stepped in to push me along to the next level.  My story is about my commitment to give back and plant that same seed of hope and success in others. We all have that power to make a difference one person at a time and one business at a time.

My goal is to see Latino entrepreneurs grow effectively. We work so hard and many of us dream of having our own companies. Anyone can open a company, but getting past the first three years is the challenge. It can be accomplished if we equip ourselves with all the right tools. Stay tuned to learn about how to start a business in a strategic way and with integrity to earn the leadership reputation your business needs to overcome the challenging first three-years.

Born in Chicago, Vanessa Mota is the VP of Prospanica’s Columbia, SC Chapter, the CEO of Mota Intellectual Svcs. LLC, and the Founder and President of Impresarios 101.  Mota is also the Director and Founder of S.C. Latina Project, a non-profit organization for young Latinas to become professionals and/or entrepreneurs while embracing their roots. She is the mother of two beautiful daughters and wife to a great supportive man. Vanessa Mota has lived and worked abroad, in China and India, for 6 years where her dream of becoming an entrepreneur began. This April, she celebrates ten years in business, serving the greater Columbia community as a business consultant. Partner to the Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce, Mota is also a board member of the Columbia Mayor’s Business Minority City Council. She also directs and is a member of the Women’s International Entrepreneur Club.  Mota’s mission in life is to effectively unite, connect and diversify others.

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Talleres de Bienvenida: A "Crash Course on America"
Since 2014, Latina entrepreneur and Prospanica member, Samí Haiman-Marrero, helps recent arrivals to the U.S. from Spanish-speaking countries better navigate their transition through instructional workshops.

screen shot 2018-02-27 at 8.58.28 am.png

In 2014, Gamalier Roche was a 26-year-old newlywed with a 1-year-old son when he decided to move to Central Florida from his native Puerto Rico looking to provide a better life for his family. He left his wife and baby boy behind while he settled in his new home in Orlando. The culture shock was instantaneous.

"I had visited Orlando as a tourist and for business conferences," he said. "But living here is very different. It's the little things, like how in America life is very individualistic, people live inside their homes, and how many hours people work."

Roche began working at his cousin's print business, who suggested he attend a workshop hosted by local entrepreneur Sami Haiman-Marrero.

"That night changed my life," said Roche. "I got a crash course on America."

 Read full article...

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Prospanica Chapters Met in Dallas for a Successful 2018 Leadership Summit


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Q&A with Dr. Jimmy Ortiz, Manager, International Postal Relations for the United States Postal Service and President of Prospanica's DC Chapter

jimmy foto 2.jpgDr. Jimmy Ortiz is the Manager, International Postal Relations for the United States Postal Service (USPS) in Washington, DC and President of Prospanica DC. Jimmy started his career as a Letter Carrier on the night shift in New York City. He has held numerous operational, managerial, administrative and business development positions in New York, Puerto Rico and Washington. In 2009, Dr. Ortiz was endorsed by the Department of State and the USPS and took a leave of absence to serve as the Regional Coordinator for Latin America for the United Nation’s Universal Postal Union (UPU) in San Jose, Costa Rica. For two decades, Dr. Ortiz has represented the USPS in numerous international postal meetings and audits involving operations and development throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. He was on the operational delegation that led to the start of direct mail exchanges between Cuba and the US in March, 2016. Dr. Ortiz is Lean Six Sigma certified (Green Belt) and holds several degrees, including an Associate’s degree in Accounting, Bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Governmental Accounting, Master’s degree in International Administration, and Doctorate in International Business Administration. 

Q: Most people’s careers are basically a series of circumstances or paths you need to choose from.  And sometimes, you may be left wondering what if I took the other path.  Looking back is there a point in your career you’d like to go back to and see where that path would have taken you just out of curiosity?

I always imagine if I would have not taken the job at the United States Postal Service and continued the path and pursued working for accounting firm or in Wall Street.

Q: Imagine you are going into your most important business meeting ever and you can bring 3 people along as part of your crew…who would you bring and why? 

1. My colleague Peter Chandler.  He has one of the keenness and creative minds.

2. My dear friend Elia Quintana.  A great negotiator and someone whose opinion I really value. 

3. Prospanica DC President Emeritus Sandra Rivera.  She is strategic and a great researcher. 

Note: I trust and know that these three individuals will have my back.

 Q: Tell us what you immediately associate with each one of the following 5 feelings:                                              
  • Anger – Bad decisions 
  • Sadness – The way some people treat others 
  • Happiness – Family
  • Fear – Not following your dream
  • Satisfaction – Helping others succeed

 Q: If you had a superpower, what it would be and why?  Make people kind to each other.

 Q: What’s on top of your bucket list?   Finish visiting every major league baseball stadium